Keziah Jones

“1973 (Jokers Reparation)” par Keziah Jones

Aujourd’hui, on continue la série “Rebellion” avec Keziah Jones.

En plus d’être un excellent guitariste, Keziah Jones est un parolier de talent.


Keziah Jones


Sur “1973 (Jokers Reparation)”, il aborde la dictature au Nigeria et les dérives inflationnistes autour du Naira, la monnaie nigériane.



Je vous mets les paroles pour les anglophones.


In 1973 The naira was introduced
To help the economy
But the value is kinda weak
One naira is 0.06 dollar
In official calculations
Before “inflation”
We used cowries
We all knew what things were worth
But for mirrors and beads
They’ve sold us a whole nation
You say “now wheres all the money gone?”
To banks in Switzerland
Where your wealth is our poverty
A jokers reparation is kinda deep
Its got the punchline “democracy”
On the stage of globalisation
And now we go-a-begging
To the countries of our suffering
For debt relief
With no apologies
Just devalued currencies
No apologies
For jokers reparations

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